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The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe – Week 1

While staying with the kind old professor in the country, during World War II, Edmund, Peter, Susan and Lucy are fixing to have a grand adventure! Lucy is the first to enter the world of Narnia, which she find quite by accident in the back of an old wardrobe full of fur coats. When she gets there, she comes across a faun, Mr. Tumnus, who invites her to his home for tea.

While they are there, she has a splendid time, and is quite enjoying the fun she is having, but knows that she must get back soon. When she tells Mr. Tumnus that she must leave, he gets very upset, and then confesses that he was waiting for her to fall asleep so that he might let the White Witch know that a daughter of Eve, or a human, had entered their kingdom. The White Witch, or the queen of Narnia as she calls herself has created an eternal winter in the land, where it is cold all the time. When she insists that she must return home, he agrees, but asks to keep her handkerchief as a momento of her visit.

When she returns from her journey, her brothers and sister do not believe her at all! When she tries to show them how to get into the land of Narnia, they only find the back of the wardrobe. Lucy is quite cross and upset, as she knows that she was not making it up, but she has no way of making her siblings believe her.

It is not until they decide to play hide and go seek, that one of her brothers is going to find that she is not making up the story, but unlike Lucy, he has the unfortunate luck to come across the White Witch on his first entry into Narnia. When she discovers that he has siblings, she gets him to agree to bring them to her castle, promising to make him a prince and give him sweets to eat. When Lucy tells him about the witch, he gets a little uncomfortable, but the promises that she made to him outweigh his sisters caution. But how will he convince his siblings to go to where she is?

This week we are reading Chapters 1-4


  1. Why do you think Mr. Tumnus agreed to let Lucy return to her own place?
  2. If you heard a story about a place like Narnia, would you believe it or think that someone was making it up?
  3. Why do you think Edmund told the white witch so much?