Summer Schooling – The Unschooler

While we laze through our summer days, I don’t want the boys to completely forget what we have been learning. So we are slowly working on a few things, but they have not caught on yet! I love that they are still learning, and enjoying it too. As we drove across a few states for […]

On the Sickle’s Edge – Books on Review

  Good day readers!! I cannot wait to share this book review with you! I was wanting something different, a little out of the norm. When I was offered this book to read, I was excited! I could not wait to dive in and try something new. This book had me up late reading! I […]

Unbroken – Week 2

Louis and his crew have been tasked for the mission of finding a downed plane. But they are given a plane that has been used to repair other planes, as well as not being in the best of conditions to begin with. As they prepare for their flight, neither Phil or Louis are excited about […]

Unbroken – Week 1

Good day,┬ádear readers! This book is going to take us on an incredible journey, and one that is not easily going to be forgotten. It is one of those reads that is going to stay with you, causing in-drawn breaths, heart stopping moments, and of course those times where you are going to want to […]