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Summer Schooling – The Unschooler

While we laze through our summer days, I don’t want the boys to completely forget what we have been learning. So we are slowly working on a few things, but they have not caught on yet! I love that they are still learning, and enjoying it too. As we drove across a few states for a family get together, we were listing off different birds, flowers, and more. Occasionally I would ask them to spell a certain word or throw a math problem into the mix. They were having so much fun with the trip that they answered without even thinking about it! Total mom win!

Summer days are all about fun, and while we have fun, kids can still learn! We spend a lot more time at the library these days, and there have been some great adventures through book pages. But we have really had a great time with the movies. There are some really great classic films that we have worked through already. We love to watch the old John Wayne movies, as well as the musicals. I have discovered that both of my boys really enjoyed White Christmas and Singing in the Rain. Any of the John Wayne movies are favorites. Rio Grande is by far my favorite, but my kids really love the World War II pictures that he did. Once they watch the movies, they want to know more about the battles and the history, so where does that lead us? The library!

Summer is meant to be fun, but that does not mean that learning completely stops. We can learn anywhere we are, no matter what we are doing. Just take the summer, have some fun, and see what you can learn along the way! You might be just as surprised as the kids as to what you can pick up without actually really having to teach anything.

Share with us what you are doing this summer to “learn” as you go!