Feta Cheese Snowball with Olive Relish

I am planning our traditional Christmas Eve Party in which my entire family comes over for a pre-celebration and so the kiddos can open a gift early… it’s something we have done for years. But something is nagging at me this year that it’s time to switch up some of our favorite traditional dishes! I […]

Secret Family Chili Recipe

Family is coming into town and I’m always concerned with 3 things: where they will sleep, what they will eat, and what we will do to keep busy. Who can relate!? Thankfully we have a lot of extra space in our home at this particular duty station so sleeping arrangements are easy and being that this […]

Got Leftovers? Try This Stuffed Turkey Roll!

Who always has turkey leftovers for dayyyyys following Thanksgiving!? I KNOW my family can’t be the only ones! You can certainly freeze some of the deliciousness from your feast but you also have to get creative with how you will re-serve it to your family, time and time again. So I thought, what better time […]

It’s almost time to GOBBLE GOBBLE til ya WOBBLE WOBBLE!  We are counting down the days and becoming more and more excited for the next big holiday – THANKSGIVING! – and all of the family that will be coming into town to celebrate it with us. So how do we pass the time until one […]