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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Box Ideas

It’s one of those school celebrations that you know comes every year, but you’re never prepared for. That’s okay, we’ve got you covered!! This week’s easy craft will save you with last minute Valentine’s Day box for your kids! Some schools don’t make Valentine’s Day an “official” party day anymore, but they like to let the kids bring treats to share and Valentine’s. This is going to take you no time and your child/children will be happy with their boxes because I’m going to give you quicks to change up the look! Here we go!

Valentines Day Box

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cereal Box  (pretty much the star of the show and chances are you’ll have one in the house)
  • Hot Glue (because we don’t have time to wait for glue to dry people) 😉
  • Construction Paper or Fun Holiday Paper (felt could be an option as well)
  • Good Pair of scissors
  • And any other embellishments you’d like to add. i.e. felt hearts, conversational heart candy, beads, pom poms, anything. 

First we have to decide how fancy you want to get with your box. You can go with the traditional opening at the top or you can glue up the openings and cut another hole into. See the pictures for examples:

Cut Options

Now that we’ve established where the cards will get put in, here comes the fun part: decorating your box! This is honestly where I’ll let your creative juices start flowing but I’m going to give you a few ideas of course.

  • Cover the box with felt or fabric. I also considered spray painting but since we are low on time.. maybe next year
    • If you cover with felt you can glue on embellishments and a tag for their name.
    • Don’t forget to add your child’s name to the box.
    • If you cover with fabric.. make sure it’s on right side up.. I’m human and I totally glued it on upside down.. 🙁 let’s hope the kids don’t notice!
  • Cover with conversation hearts. *Please note this will be time consuming and the box will be super heavy. And if you do this please share a picture with us on Twitter at @MyMilitarySvgs
    • and you’ll want to spray with sealant because if the candy gets wet it will be really sticky. You’ve been warned! 😉
  • Add heart embellishments i.e. felt, construction paper, fabric, or foam. I did find some battery operated heart lights too! I can’t wait to see your boxes!

Or if you really don’t have time you can always use a bag! But don’t think you will get out of decorating it.. check it out! Super easy ideas!


And you know what, just because it’s called the Last Minute Valentine’s Day box doesn’t mean it’s going to be ugly! It can be really cute!! And it’s homemade so it comes from the heart, it is Valentine’s Day after all! 😉

Valentine box

Happy Crafting!


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