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Santa Cork Ornaments

School break is almost here, and we are going to need something to keep those little hands busy! This super cute Santa Cork Ornament is a lot of fun to make, and a great family afternoon activity! Perfect for little gifts for friends and family alike! Stay out of the cold and ick, and enjoy some crafty time! This craft is from Red Ted Art!


Materials (makes one Santa):

  • One cork
  • red & pink acrylic paint
  • red felt (or card)
  • cotton wool (or white felt)
  • PVA glue (a hot glue gun is even better; however, you can get away with PVA glue)
  • ribbon for hanging
  • black and red pens for details


1)      Paint you corks 1/3 pink and 2/3s red and let them dry fully

2)      Using a glass (medium to large – e.g. 6-8cm in diameter), draw a circle on your felt. Cut this into thirds. Each third will be enough for one hat.

3)      (If you want to use these as ornaments, then..) Take a piece of ribbon, tie a knot in the end. I double knotted it, so that you can glue it into the hat more easily.

4)      Place your ribbon inside the pointy bit of your  1/3 of a circle. Then align the straight edge (trapping the ribbon inside) and glue down – this is when a hot glue gun is much easier. It does work with PVA or fabric glue, but it gets a bit messy as the felt absorbs a lot of glue. You can always use some red card instead, which you may find easier to stick.

5)      Once dried, glue the hat to your cork. If it isn’t a perfect fit, don’t worry, the cotton wool will cover it up.

6)      Unroll your cotton wool and tear off a strip for the hat brim, cut a triangle for the beard and make a little ball for the top of the hat.

7)      Glue the hat brim, the bobble ball and beard in place. You can shape it a little once stuck on by patting it down or trimming it with nail scissors.

8)      Carefully had eyes and nose (it is easy to color the cotton wool by accident) and…


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