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Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Garland Wreath

It’s time for Valentine’s Day crafts! I love Valentine’s Day! As I child I always remember that my parents would have balloons and stuffed animals waiting for us after school on Valentine’s Day; and yes I also do this for my boys. It’s great to start traditions with your own family. Crafting done amazing things for our family. We love making things together and it’s become a thing on who can come up with this weeks’ craft. I hope that you are all spending quality time together as a family as Military families we don’t know when our loved ones have to go away. Anyways, I got a little sentimental on you. This week’s craft is very easy and simple Valentine’s Day decorations. I did two because the first one turned out to be super easy.

Garland Wreath 1

This Valentine’s Day wreath is super easy! I love changing up the wreath on my door and sometimes I decorate with them in our home too. I made a small one but you can make it using a larger wreath base too. I chose to go with the stick wreath.There are many varieties of wreaths: foam, raffia, wire, green foam, and the wood like I’m using.

  • Fun Valentine’s Day Garland (depending on the size of your wreath you may need several strings of garland.)
  • Wreath ring
  • Flowers if you want to add
  • Scissors

That’s it no glue! You can actually take the garland off of the wreath if you want to re-use the garland for something next year. Here we go! Are you ready?!

Grab your wreath ring and your garland. Find a spot to tuck the garland in and begin wrapping the garland around the wreath. It doesn’t matter which direction you start just keep going around the wreath with the garland until it’s covered or you run out and need another garland to add to it. See that’s me in the picture wrapping the wreath. It’s very simple, you can get the kids to help out with this craft too. They will have a ball wrapping the garland and getting it everywhere. Trust me on that! LOL!

Keep wrapping until it’s covered. I had little extras to add to it. You can find these fun little additions at a one price store or craft store in your town. It wasn’t’ expensive and it looks super cute and custom like in the stores.

Garland Wreath Easy

Can’t wait to see your beautiful wreath creations! Share them with us using the #MMSCraft hash tag on social media.

Happy Crafting!


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