Cotton Swabs, such a simple thing, yet so universal! Cotton Swabs can be used for many different purposes. Who would’ve thunk that you can use these little things on just about anything, beyond cleaning your ears! Below are some hacks for beauty purposes, that just MIGHT save you some time!  Traveling, can either be an […]

Why I Love to Home School

There are so many reasons to love being a home school parent. If you are reading the blog, then you know there are ups and downs to any decision that we make, including home schooling. However, I have found so many reasons to love being a home school mom. I am going to share a […]

From Our Family to Yours

Tis’ the season for body aches from all Holiday decorating and shopping; not to mention dry skin from the colder air and possibly some heart-burn and indigestion from all the Holiday goodies.  Click Here ===> for the latest hot deals on some of your favorite products like Gold Bond, Allegra, Nasacort, Rolaids and Icy Hot to […]

The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules – Week 4

The League of Pensioners is not quite ready to call it quits just yet. You would think that being in prison, and finding that it is not as much fun as they hoped it would be, might deter them from committing future crimes. All it does however, is fuel their desire to commit even better […]

Crocodile on the Sandbank – Week 2

Amelia and Evelyn are not wanting to see Lucas in the morning, so they head out early trying to get a decent start on their journey. As they travel down the Nile, they are enjoying the scenery and the relaxation of being away from the bustle and hustle of Cairo. As they make their plans […]