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Tis’ the season for body aches from all Holiday decorating and shopping; not to mention dry skin from the colder air and possibly some heart-burn and indigestion from all the Holiday goodies.  Click Here ===> for the latest hot deals on some of your favorite products like Gold Bond, Allegra, Nasacort, Rolaids and Icy Hot to help you recover from your festivities.

After shopping and baking all day long, it was wonderful to have my husband rub some icy hot on my back once I got out of a nice long hot shower.  With all the bending and lifting, not to mention to the twisting around the kitchen too, I really needed something to help relieve the strain I had put on my back.  My husband said the Rolaids came in handy after he over indulged on some holiday cookies and treats I had baked for our Holiday party.  With all the festivities requiring us to go and be outside in the colder weather, our skin was beginning to show the signs; Gold Bond Ultimate Strength and Resilience lotion came to the rescue for our dry skin with its wonderful moisturization and added benefits that help to protect our skin’s moisture.  Now we really and truly can feel comfortable while happily celebrating in all the Holiday festivities and fun!

Our family is always here and there during the Holidays, we are going to visit family and friends in various states, especially now since we PCS to the east coast and are so much closer to half of our family.  This year we’re are busy with a family holiday dinner with our daughter in law and her side of the family in addition to my side of the family.  We wish that my husband’s side of the family was closer and could join us in our holiday celebrations, but unfortunately the Pacific North West and the Deep South on the East Coast just aren’t that close for convenient travel for our families to run back and forth during the holidays.  This is also our first Christmas without our oldest son, as he is on his first deployment; this is one reason why we decided to spend the Holidays with our daughter in law along with her side and my side of the family (her and my side of the  family live in the same area making it convenient). No matter where we all our, our hearts are always together; especially during the Holidays!

What are some of your Holiday Traditions for your Military Family?

Season Greetings from all of us here at MyMilitarySavings.com!