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Beauty Cotton Swab Hacks

Cotton Swabs, such a simple thing, yet so universal! Cotton Swabs can be used for many different purposes. Who would’ve thunk that you can use these little things on just about anything, beyond cleaning your ears! Below are some hacks for beauty purposes, that just MIGHT save you some time!

  1.  Traveling, can either be an adventure, or business! However when we travel we are always looking for things to help along the way! Majority of women travel with some sort of jewelry; I know I always pack my favorite necklace. Sometimes the chains on the necklaces can get tangled during travel. Try wrapping the necklace around a cotton swab, to prevent tangling.
  2. Cotton Swabs work great for “disposable” Eye Shadow brushes! A person can gain SO many different brushes for all of our eye shadows, and they can be tough to keep up with and keep clean. Using Cotton Swabs can allow you to throw each one away, to prevent clutter, and its WAY more sanitary!
  3. Painting your nails? What about applying some nail art? Cotton Swabs can be very useful in applying polish or designs to your nails. For instance, you can lightly dip the tip of the swab in some polish, and apply a polka dot to your nail. OR try applying the stickers using the swabs. While painting your nails, or someone else’s nails, you might get a little excess polish on your fingers, try using a swab to apply polish remover to clean it up!
  4. While out running errands, especially in the summer time, we can get a little sweaty, and sometimes stinky! While carrying a bottle of perfume or body spray can be highly inconvenient, try Cotton Swabs! Simply soak the tips of the swabs in your favorite scent, put them in a zip lock bag, sealed of course, and carry them with you! Viola! Instant smell good for your errands!
  5. Having a rough time removing some eye makeup? Trying using a cotton swab, coated in some makeup remover, to get into those stubborn areas!
  6. Makeup can be very expensive at times, depending on what brand you may use! Wasting this makeup, can be a sad day, well you don’t have to anymore! Use a cotton swab to get inside of those bottles, and nooks and crannies! You won’t have to waste a drop!

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