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Tea DIY Beauty Hacks

TEA! This beverage is something everyone is familiar with, whether we drink it or not, and we all know what tea and tea bags are! Little do some know, tea can be used for some AWESOME beauty hacks, that YOU can do at home!


  1. Tired, puffy eyes? What about those black circles we can get under our eyes for being tired?! As a Mom, I know all too much about being tired! Tea bags can be used, either warm or cold to help with these things. Soak some tea bags in warm water, and then place them under your eyes for a few minutes; the tannin’s in the tea can help with puffiness of the eyes. Opposite approach, using cold tea bags, can help alleviate dark circles under the eyes, this is also with the tannin’s help!
  2. Summer, oh sweet summer time! With summer comes sunburns! YIKES! Brew some tea in a pot, wait for it to cool, and dip a towel in the cooled tea. Generously, and lightly, rub the towel across the sunburn areas; it might bring some comfort!
  3. Need a DIY toner? Wiping a tea bag over your face can help aid with oily skin and blemishes!
  4. Dried, used tea bags can be GREAT facial scrubbers! Allow a used tea bag to dry fully. Once it is dried, cut it open, and use the inside as a facial scrubber, just remember to wash your face when complete! VOILA, you are left with nice feeling skin!
  5. Chapped lips? Green Tea is very well known to help alleviate this problem. Rub a WARM, green tea bag over your lips. This helps hydrate and soothe chapped lips.


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