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Cotton Swab Hacks for Babies and Kids

Carolyn, our Fort Bragg military spouse, shares her favorite cotton swab hacks for babies and kids. Who would have ever thought they could be so versatile?

Cotton swabs are so universal, that they have many different way to assist in baby care. Sometimes as a mother, with one or more kiddos, life can get very hectic, why not look for the simple things such as using cotton swabs to care for your little ones! YES! Cotton swabs can be bought just about anywhere, and when you buy a box, you get quite a few typically!

Cotton Swab Hacks for Babies and Kids

  1. CLEAN! Clean those grooves in your baby’s shoes with a cotton swab. Little ones have the tendency to get into things, mischief, and dirt! Using a cotton swab, you can thoroughly clean those little shoes of theirs!!
  2. “This little piggy went to the market…” While playing with those cute little piggies, aka TOES, why not use a cotton swab to get that gunk from between their toes? Yes, it might tickle a little, but what’s wrong with a few extra giggles?
  3. Boo Boos, as children grow we will notice they get tons of Boo Boos, unless you bubble wrap them… just kidding! But seriously, we may find ourselves constantly kissing boo boo’s and making them feel better! Instead of using your finger to apply ointment, why not use a cotton swab! This allows the easiest application, and its clean!
  4. Bulbs, syringes, and suctions, OH MY! Boogers, lots and lots of boogers will need to be sucked. Sometimes those bulbs can contain WAY too many boogers. Try using a cotton swab to clean out those bulbs and allow for better suction!
  5. Getting those little ears pierced can be such a fun time, however we gotta keep them clean! Cotton swabs work wonders with getting into that tiny space behind the ear rings, to keep them clean!

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What do you think about these cotton swab hacks for babies and kids? If you have any to share, please leave us a comment below!