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The 3 Step Method to Get Your Baby to Sleep Better

The dreaded, yet most desired “S” word as a new parent…SLEEP…

I know for me, sleep was hard to come by as a new mom – many sleepless nights full of crying…and, not going to lie, it was coming mostly from me!

Sleep is a real struggle especially for new parents and that is why I wanted to share with you the Johnson’s 3 Step Bedtime Routine that helped me and will help you achieve those much desired Zzz’s.

One thing I learned early on was to have an established nightly routine by giving my babies a nice bath which calmed and soothed them just in time for bedtime. I used Johnson and Johnson’s Bedtime Bath Wash – the soothing lavender smell is both heavenly and relaxing. I followed that with a nice baby massage using lotion.

Then my favorite part of the routine was reading a story and singing while rocking my babies in a quiet, dark room. These are some of my fondest moments of when my babies were little….

All of these steps can definitely help everyone get a better night’s rest.

Better sleep is within your reach too – simply follow Johnson’s 3 Step Bedtime Routine:

1) Warm bath, I preferred using  Johnson’s Bedtime Body Wash

2) Loving massage with Johnson’s Bedtime Lotion

3) Quiet time (reading and singing)

Consistency is key, and if you stick with this proven method, your baby could be sleeping better in a week….and that means you will be, too!

For more information on this better sleep routine click here.

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