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Tips for soothing a sick baby

Your little bundle of joy isn’t so joyous when they get sick, but we’ve got some tips for soothing a sick baby that can help relieve some of their symptoms!

Germs, Germs, Germs, EVERYWHERE! Yes, FLU season may almost be over, but now we have POLLEN. YUCK!!

As a mom of two, I have learned, that no matter how much you have your kiddo in a bubble, the germs always seem to reach them! With my first kiddo, I pretty much kept her in a bubble, and barely went anywhere! Now that she is in Kindergarten, I see now, how CRAZY these germs are!! Now with my second child, I am a little more laid back, and have learned how to comfort the kiddos in time of sickness. Johnson and Johnson has some GREAT products to aide in comforting these little ones when they are sick! Be sure to check out our tips on how to get your baby to sleep better, too!

Tips for Soothing a Sick Baby


Bath time can be a calming time as well as a comforting time. Babies tend to love to splash and play in the tub, so why not use bath time to help with cough and colds? This baby wash, Soothing Vapor, is amazing with aiding in congestion. I personally have used this wash with both my kiddos and it helps clear up that mucous some.



Following bath time, your baby’s skin will need some nourishment, try Johnson’s Vanilla Oat Baby Lotion! Sometimes, when babies are sick, rashes occur, and dry skin. This brand of baby lotion, with the oats, helps tremendously, because it is not harsh like some lotions on the skin! While applying lotion, massage the baby on their bellies, legs, back, little piggies (toes), and make your baby feel a little distracted from their sickness.

Another great tip, is to use a NASAL ASPIRATOR. Many companies make these items, and they are so useful! When a baby is sick, tons of little boogers will build up in their noses, as well as mucous in their nasal passages. Using a suction type item, will allow you to help clear up these passages, the babies may not like it, however it will help them.


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