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Trumpet of the Swan – Week 4

Louis is a very popular bird!! His trumpet playing is a novelty for crowds everywhere. Before long, Louis gets another job offer, playing for a night club in Philadelphia. He plays there for ten weeks, and earns more than enough money to repay the shop owner for the trumpet and the damage to the window.

Something else extraordinary happens for Louis while he is in Philadelphia. The love of his life Serena shows up! He is determined to prove his love for her and decides that playing his trumpet for her when she is rested will be wonderful. He bides his time and waits. But the Zoo Keeper has other plans for Serena. Will Louis be able to save her and live happily ever after?

This week we are reading chapters 16-21.


1. Louis is a very special bird. Have you ever seen a bird play a musical instrument?

2. Louis trusts Sam Beaver completely. Did Sam help Louis out?

3. Did Louis do the right thing by attacking the workers who were trying to harm his Serena?

4. Do you enjoy going to the zoo to see the animals there?


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