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US Coast Guard Day

The US Coast Guard has undergone many changes during its short history. When the Coast Guard was first formed on 4 August 1790, their purpose was to enforce the tariff laws which had been enacted under the Constitution. Alexander  Hamilton was the initial founder, as the Secretary of the Treasury. For the next 125 years they functioned as the Revenue Marines. The U.S. Coast Guard has five operational goals: maritime safety, national defense, maritime security, mobility and the protection of natural resources.

It was not until 1915 that President Woodrow Wilson signed into law an act that merged the Revenue Cutter Service and the U.S. Life Saving Service, which gave the Revenue Marines their new name, the US COAST GUARD. They were now dedicated to saving lives at sea, and enforcing the maritime laws of the land. Under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, they began to take charge of the Lighthouses along the coasts.


In 1967, they fell under the authority of the Department of Transportation, and then finally after the tragic events of 2001, they were transferred to the Department of Homeland Security.

For the members of the United States Coast Guard, we salute you and the often under-appreciated and overlooked work that you do you. We value you service to our nation and communities, as well as your continued service to maintaining law and order on coast lands and seas.


Here is what the Coast Guard can expect on any given day at work:

Assist 192 people in distress
Protect $2.8 million in property
Interdict 14 illegal migrants at sea
Conduct 109 search and rescue cases
Seize $9.6 million worth of illegal drugs
Educate 502 people in boating safety courses
Respond to 20 oil and hazardous chemical spills
Conduct 19 maritime security boardings




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