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Why Yes, we take days off too…

While homeschooling there are times when you just really need a day off. I can get creative with them… teacher mental days, catch up on planning days, or just a “we didn’t feel like getting out of bed today, so we are going to lay here and watch movies all snuggled up.” I was recently talking with one of my neighbors while the boys were out running around and she asked, “do you take the same days off that the school does, you know, like spring break.” Well.. YES! We need days off too! While we don’t follow the same schedule exactly, there are times where you seriously have to take a break and just do NOTHING.

My favorite are the mental days. Those are just the recharge days when we have had a marathon of schoolwork and housework. Sometimes you just need to recharge those batteries! What better way to do that than with SPRING BREAK! Yes, homeschoolers need spring break too! Honestly, the parents need the break more, but who is going to argue when you announce that spring break is here as you load up the car to get out of town for a few days. A trip to the grandparents was in order, so on our ten day jaunt, I decided we could not be without school work the entire time. I just printed what we needed and brought it with us! Perfection! Grandparents to help with the minions, which means more reading time for mom! Sounds like a spring break win!

How are you planning on spending spring break!? We are going to fit a few field trips in (President Lincoln’s birthplace and the Patton museum), and of course, kick back and watch SING for the millionth time!