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Debunking the Myths – Part 1

So there are a lot of myths about homeschooling floating around. We have discussed already discussed one or two, but I thought it would be a good idea to tackle them one on one. That way we can really debunk the myth, and go a little deeper into them. I was recently talking to one of the ladies here on post about homeschooling and she said “I would never believe that your kids are homeschooled, they are not socially awkward”. Um, thanks?

There is a lot of misconceptions on how kids will react and socialize when they are stuck with mom all day. Well, it is really simple. Move them out of their comfort zone! Having your kids home with you all day can  get a little tedious and you need something new. Check around your local area and see if there are any home school coop groups that meet. You can also check into nursing homes. They love to have visitors so have your kids take little pictures that they have colored and even some books to read out loud (yes, get that reading practice in), the residents will enjoy it as much as your kids. We visit the library once a week, and there they can interact with other kids (all ages) and also check out some new books to read. Bookstores, theaters, play groups.. it is all about what you want to do! Interactive museums where you can get hands on, or tour groups, so many options! Children, by nature, are very talkative and friendly. They want to be out and around people, and it does not always have to be someone of their own ages. Getting them involved and moving them into different settings will help to hone their skills in talking to different age groups, but also build their confidence. By showing some of the knowledge they are learning, you might be surprised what they can learn from another! Kids have minds like sponges, and we need to feed that. While we were walking through a museum recently, we met an elderly gentleman who had fought in WWII. My boys were in awe as he told them stories about his time there, and part of what his job was. Listening to them retell me (even though I was right there), was something special. You would have thought that gentleman was riding a golden scooter around the remainder of the day. Each time we saw him, my boys would wave madly and say, “that guy was a soldier once like you mom”. I love that they are willing to listen, but also to remember these precious moments. We won’t have our storytellers forever, so hearing them while you can, is magical.

Being social or anti-social is all about your children. Some are more comfortable to get out and talk to anyone that they might see, while others take a little while to warm up to new people. It is OKAY! My children are ones that would talk to anyone, although they are leery about being out of my eyesight, they are open and friendly. We have friends in the neighborhood that they can run around with, and they have our sweet next door neighbor wrapped around their fingers. They love nothing more than to take some treats over to her, and play her Xbox while talking her ear off for a couple of hours, which is perfect for me to run some errands and get some me time. Remember, it takes a village! Sometimes she can hit home some of the information we work on. As a former teacher, she and I spend a lot of time talking about what we are working on and how to tackle different ideas and issues that come up with kids. All moms need someone to talk to, and raising kids (not to mention teaching them) is never easy! As we work through different stages in life, it is always helpful to have someone there saying “its okay, you can do this.” We all need those cheerleaders in our life!

Remember – YOU CAN DO THIS!