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A Month to Remember (or forget)

December has been a rough month for us. Between Zion having asthma, getting sick, and both of my kiddos getting tummy bugs, I am mentally exhausted. Zion still coughs at night from time to time so the inhaler stands by pretty close. He missed about 4 days of school during a 2 week span. Then Amaiah had a tummy bug that caused her to miss a day of daycare. It may not seem like a lot, but this all occurred one right after the other, and I just felt helpless because my babies couldn’t catch a break.Luckily, all the bad things happened before we got out for our winter break. So now for 2 weeks, me, Zion, and Amaiah get to hang out at home and relax. I feel like on a daily basis I only get a small window to spend time with my kids, so during winter and summer vacation I really like to take advantage and spend all the extra time together that we can. Yes, they drive me nuts, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


I don’t know if I posted in my last blog, but it snowed here!! Yes, it snowed, almost 2 inches, in South Texas! Crazy huh? They kept saying on the news there was a “chance” over and over again, but down here we tend not to believe the weather people too much. And then all of sudden, I kept seeing Facebook post from my friends that is was snowing where they lived. So I picked up Zion and Amaiah from my parents house and by the time I got there, they had a nice coating. Amaiah was not into the snow and wanted nothing to do with it. However, Zion came outside and loved it! Being that he was born in Boston and spent a few years there, he loved the snow. He actually asked me about a week before the snow “mommy when is it going to snow here” and I told him that doesn’t happen here. Well, mother nature proved me wrong! It doesn’t usually get too cold here, but lately we have been having jacket, scarf, and beanie weather. Zion loves the cold weather.

Zion had a great Christmas! You know, I have to say I am really proud of him. When you ask him what he wanted for Christmas, he only wanted 1 thing. Yes, a 4 year old only wanted 1 thing!! Most kids I know have list of things they wanted, but Zion was happy just to see his little Sea Patroller boat. Of course he got other things from family, and he was so happy and thankful for all those items. Before Christmas (and his birthday) we go through and clean out the kids toy room. I tell them that we have to give away his toys to children that may not have toys, and he is ok with that. He goes through and gives me things he doesn’t play with and knows that whatever goes in the box, is going to other children. I think that is an important lesson for him and his sister, and I believe that he will continue to be a grateful and giving, human being.


Thank you all again for another year of love and support. 2017 has had it’s ups and downs. I have laughed and cried, but Zion’s accomplishments always outshine his challenges. We are looking forward to a great 2018. I know Zion is always going to face challenges throughout his life, but I am confident that with all the love and support that we get, he will always be able to overcome these things. I am wishing everyone a very Happy New Year from our family to yours!