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A Reliable Wife – Week 2

Ralph and Catherine have started their life together. Catherine is overawed by the beauty of the house that Ralph built for his first wife. She loves the baubles that were left behind. She plays with the jewels and dresses that are to small for her. All the while she goes through her plan for the removal of Ralph from the picture. She can’t wait to inherit the money and stability that will come through his death.

The only request that Ralph has from Catherine is for her to find his son and bring him home. He has been paying detectives to track him through different cities and the trail has been elusive until they finally get a firm hit. He has let Catherine know that he is going to send her to bring his son back, and reunite the two of them together. When Catherine gets to the city however, she finds that she has missed the lifestyle she left behind and that she can taste the smells of the city. It is like a refueling to her system, and she feels rejuvenated. As she moves through the days, her thoughts are turned back to Ralph, and she begins to send him letters back home. She also finds herself struggling with the decision that she has made in regards to Ralph. Each day she tried to find a new way to forget about it, and the desire and anger that she felt before seems to be fading.

Then the detectives appear, and lay out the facts on the son that they have found out. They have left nothing out. Catherine makes plans to tail the son and check him out, and then surprise him at home. After corresponding with Ralph, she loses the detectives and begins to see Antonio on her own. But there is a huge surprise lurking in the shadows..


This week we are reading Chapters 7-13


1. Ralph seems to be in no hurry to get married. Do you think he was waiting for Catherine to change her mind?

2. He has stated to Catherine that he knows her to be a liar. Do you think he suspects more of her past than she has realized?

3.  Why do you think Catherine is the one that is to go after Antonio? Could Ralph have not done this task himself? Is this meant to be a test for Catherine?