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The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane – Week 2

Edward’s journey has truly just begun. After being flung overboard, he waits on the bottom of the ocean. He isn’t sure what he is waiting for, but since he cannot move on his own, he just has to lay there in the murky darkness and think about the past. The memories of the stars have stayed with him, and he begins to wonder what he is missing. Then one day, his situation changes! He is blown and tossed here and there by a huge storm! The storm actually picks him up out of the ocean and he is able to glimpse the sky before he is thrown in again.

He is saved when a fisherman pulls him out of the sea and takes him home. He begins to feel emotions that he has never felt before. He has already felt terror, as he slipped into the ocean, but now he is feeling something else. He is finally understanding the level of feelings that Abilene had for him. He is feeling the depths of her affection. Lawrence and Nellie have dressed him up, and allow him to sit in the high chair where he can actually view the table. They talk to him as though he can understand them! Lawrence even takes him outside with him, and shows him all the stars and constellations. Edward is learning quite a bit from this kindly couple and he even begins to feel something more than tolerance for his surroundings. His life is thrown upside down again when their daughter Lollie comes to visit, and all the sudden he is off on another adventure, this time with a kindly hobo and his dog.


This week we are reading Chapters 7-13


  1. How does Lolly feel when she finds that her parents are treating Edward like a “rabbit child”? What do you think about her decision to get rid of Edward?
  2. Bull describes himself and Lucy as lost. What do you think he means by that?
  3. What do you think about the change coming over Edward as he moves through his travels?