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5 More Confessions from a Traveling Bookaholic – Part 2

When I last wrote, I was in the middle of Arkansas. Since then, we have completed our travels, but we are stuck in a hotel for the next 58 days while we search for the perfect house at our new post. Moving can be fun, but if you are a book lover, as I pointed out before, it really cramps that reading style that you might have.

Sooooo.. I am going to start with the update on the audio books. I still have NOT found that one reader that can get me through a drive. So I will continue working on that issue. I hope to solve it soon! I did however, discover that Cracker Barrel does a buy and return on audio books. You can buy them in one location and return them at another for a different audio book, and get most of your money back. I thought that was pretty awesome, and for those of you who are fixing to drive through a PCS, this could come in handy. **Most titles are not recommended for cars with young children however, and that is what kept me from trying out a couple of them**

As I tried to work through our days with as little reading as I could, I came to rely more and more on one of my favorite sites, one of which also allowed me to download a few books while we were on the road. Be assured dear reader, I do NOT play on my phone while driving, but choosing the next two I wanted to read and having them download to my phone allowed me to have them ready for me when we reached our next destination at night. I am fairly certain that they downloaded within the two minutes I clicked on them, and the time it took me to get in and start my car, so knowing that they were there made the drive even longer! However, I have learned not to rely on internet in some locations, as the bandwith can vary and the normal 15 second download turns into four hours or longer.

As we spent some time with family, I was able to get some reading in and find some  way more comfortable locations. I found that reading in front of a campfire is soothing and really quiet once the kids go inside. I was able to bundle and enjoy the beauty of the stars and sounds of nature. I love secluded spots, and finding a reading nook near the fire was amazing!! I just curled into the chair my father in law provided and spent about three hours in happy reading.


Since we have arrived at the hotel, it was time to get inventive again. Having a family of four in one room, with no separation barrier or anything, well, it gets rather interesting. My husband is one of those has to have COMPLETE darkness and the lights tend to keep kids awake. So here came the trying of new reading spots again. I first tried to read by the light of the television but I then discovered that the boys were staying awake and watching TV instead of going to sleep, so that light had to go too. I then moved onto the balcony of our hotel to read. The only downfall to that was that whenever anyone walks by, they tend to want to say hi.  Of course, right next to our balcony is another room, so the person in that room was rather chatty. I will say, I am normally a VERY social person, but when I am reading, well… after not being able to indulge as often over the past three weeks, I tend to get a little drawn into the book. Besides, it can get a little chilly at night, so I can only last for so long outdoors without heavy blankets.

So here are a few more “confessions” as I move through the adjustment from being on the road to hotel living…

  1. Bathtubs ARE perfectly acceptable reading locations! If you want to be more comfortable, you can request extra pillows from the front desk. Just remember to take them out of the tub before the cleaning lady comes the next morning. They tend to look at you rather weirdly if you don’t (this has been noted to not allow to happen again)
  2. Balcony reading is great, just remember to bundle AND to be courteous to those around you.
  3. Utilizing the lobby where you are staying is a great option as well. There is plenty of lighting, and the staff will mostly leave you alone. The upside to this is that if you get that ONE person who wants to go above and beyond, your coffee cup will never be empty and you can occasionally score free snacks. **This last one is great if you have a staffer who is also a reader, there are some great book recommendations that ya’ll can share, and then they leave you in peace to enjoy your book**
  4. When out to dinner, you can snag a few pages while waiting for your food. I managed to get an entire chapter in one day, while still managing to carry on a conversation with the family.
  5. If all else fails, the car can be used, if complete privacy (and warmth) are needed.


While these scenarios might not be your normal run of the mill reading preferences.. well, you have to remember, I am that crazy book lady! I will do just about anything for my book fix! This is not stated as a challenge of any kind, but simply the honest truth from someone who can’t go a day without books. While going through basic training many years ago,  I was going through book withdrawal (and missing my boys) so bad, that I was begging my Drill Sergeant for ANYTHING to read. He managed to find some very outdated army manuals. Not awesome, but hey, reading is knowledge!

I wish you happy (and comfortable) reading my friends! May you never suffer though massive book withdrawals and may you have some wonderful adventures at every turn! Until next time, dear reader, I remain ever faithfully,

~Book Duchess aka.. that crazy book lady~