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The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane – Week 1

Edward Tulane is the beloved toy and pet of Abilene. She loves him so much that she takes really good care of him! She dresses him each morning, winds his little gold watch, and positions him where he can look out the window and wait for her to return from school. He even gets to sit at the table with the family during meals.

If Edward has any faults, being an object that cannot speak, it is that he thinks to much of himself. He knows that he is a fine looking toy, and he consoles himself with the thoughts of how wonderful he looks in his fine outfits and how lucky he is to have a little girl that takes such good care of him.  But things are fixing to change in Edward’s world. It starts with a story, told by Abilene’s grandmother, Pellegrina, about a beautiful princess who cannot love anyone. Then he learns that they are going to go on a wonderful trip, on a HUGE ship!

Everything is going great! The ship is humongous and Abilene takes him for walks on the deck. Edward loves the attention he gets, but he is annoyed with the way people talk about him. Shouldn’t they know how special and fabulous he is!? His entire pampered existence changes when he is accidentally tossed overboard by two rambunctious little boys. His last view of Abilene is her waving his pocket watch at him as he sinks into the great blue ocean…


This week we are reading Chapters 1-6


  1. 1. The day the maid misplaces Edward, Abilene runs from room to room calling for him. Why does Abilene love him so much?
  2. Why does Pellegrina tell the story to Abilene and Edward about the princess who loves no one and is turned into a warthog by a witch?
  3. What does Edward feel? How would you feel?