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American Sniper – Week 2

Well, war has broken out and Chris Kyle is moving through Kuwait and Iraq. His insight and sense of what was going on is crucial to understanding the story. While we are not getting the “full” story, we are getting enough of it to realize what is going on. Most of us can remember the news stories from the time, that detailed the war as it was progressing.

As we read through the  Marine and Army’s advances, the story becomes even more exciting.. yet more real. Kyle moves us through each situation, with general ease, yet written for anyone to understand. The deployments are just one part of the story, and home is the other. The pride and care that he took in his job is evident. The camaraderie shines through the book. Chris Kyle gives us the military view of the war, but Taya is giving us the spouses view. The months of being alone can take a toll on anyone.

The stories this week are quite a bit more detailed than what we had last week. The crap is hitting the fan in a sense through these chapters, and its hard to not hold your breath while reading, to see what is coming next.

This week we are reading Chapters 4-6


There are not many questions that I feel I can post this week. I do not want to dwell on sadness. Instead there are a few things that we could think about.

1. Given the nature of war, and the ROE’s that are followed, do you think it would be hard to adhere to them when you are in the midst of a battle?

2. Through the tough times it is the thoughts of home and family that get you through. Do you find this here in these chapters?

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