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BBQ Burger

Y’all, spring is coming! Well, at least here in Texas. The weather has been warmer, the breeze is cool, and the time for grilling and hanging out is fast approaching. Grilling in this house usually means fajitas and ribs. However, our absolute favorite thing to grill and eat, is a big, juicy, grilled burger! I found this amazing recipe from Pepsi and I am telling you now.. it is a 100% winner! This is a burger that is so tasty, your guests will think you bought already made. Check it out below:

What You Need


  1. Cook and hold burger in BBQ sauce.
  2. Place pickles and then the BBQ burger on bottom bun.
  3. Top the burger with cole slaw and FRITOS® Corn Chips.
  4. Top with the top bun and serve.

And just like that, a perfect grilled burger is done! This recipe is so simple and can be made for a large crowd. Try this out for your next cookout and be prepared for all the compliments.  Pair with your favorite Pepsi products and the meal is complete! For the full recipe click here. And for more coupons, recipes, and savings visit https://www.mymilitarysavings.com/brands/pepsi.