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Black Stallion – Week 3

Alec is adjusting to being back home. He is dividing his time between school, chores, and spending time with the Black. Henry, the man who is letting Alec board the Black at his barn, has a plan for the horse. He is sure that he can get him ready for racing, and he has some experience. He shows Alec his trophies and memorabilia from racing so many years ago.

Henry and Alec begin to sneak the Black to the track at night to get him in shape for the races, and to get him accustomed to having a saddle and bit on him as well. The older caretaker for Belmont is surprised by the Black and declares that he has never seen another horse like him. He is excited about the timing that the Black gets on the track. But Henry and Alec both know that if they cannot produce papers for the horse, then he will never be allowed to race in any of the major races in the country. They are both disappointed, but they decide to see what they can find out. So they send some letters out, and await the answers that come back.

In the meantime, they continue to condition the Black to race. But when they news comes that they cannot find any documentation for the horse, they think their chances are dashed, until the reporter that covered Alec’s return from sea, gets an idea for a race that has been arranged between two other horses….

This week we are reading Chapters 10-14


  1. Alec and Henry are frantic when they discover the Black has escaped the barn where he was being held. Do you think that this should have been something they should have foreseen happening?
  2. Henry is really excited about the Black and looking forward to getting back to his racing days with Alec. Should Alec have been more honest with his parents about his plans?
  3. Getting the Black’s papers is proving harder than they thought. Do you think he was ever registered anywhere at all?