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Bridge to Terabithia – Week 2

Jess is getting into the swing of school, and coming to the realization that he will never be known as the best runner in the fifth grade. But when Leslie wins for the second week in a row, the running games unofficially come to a close.

Ms. Edmond’s is back at the school, and Jess looks forward to Friday’s and music class. He does not really understand why the other teachers really do not like her. She is the one person who has really taken an interest in anything he draws.

Leslie and Jess are becoming better friends. They seemed to have come to a silent understanding, but the differences with their backgrounds are huge. Jess’s family struggles to get by, but Leslie’s doesn’t. But for them it does not matter. As their imaginations take flight, they begin their own kingdom. One where they rule, can make their own rules and defend their keep. While in their magical kingdom, Leslie begins to share stories with Jess. These stories are unlike any he has ever heard, and he allows the adventure to overtake him. What wonderful memories!


This week we are reading Chapters 4-7:


1. Why do you think kids make fun of others who are different?

2. Why do you think Jess changes his mind about being friends with Leslie?

3. Do you have a magical place of your own? Can you share a picture of what your kingdom would look like?




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