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Calling all Moms!

How are you all doing this holiday season? Stretched so thin trying to take care of everyone and anything on top of making sure you have everyone on your Holiday list bought for? Yup, I understand and right there with you!

This week we sold our TV, we were gifted one and just no need for it. That yard sale money, I gave it to my husband because I know he was eyeing some speakers. That was that, the family and I had a movie night (SANTA! I KNOW HIM!!!) and called it a night. The next day I found the money in my wallet and asked him about it, without skipping a beat he tells me I take care of everyone, I need to use it on myself and buy stuff I want.

Sweetest gesture and where does my mind go?…. Oh I can get this gift for this person and this one for this person. I struggle with buying for myself, can anyone relate?! This time, something clicked, he was right. I need to get me a little something so I go straight to pampering 🙂

With the help of my Beauty and Baby club email, I can get all the pampering I want and save me the extra green! 🙂 If you haven’t gotten the app, it is a must have! Whether it’s now during the holiday season or there after, the amount of savings is ridiculous and I can not only get products for myself, but my littles are covered too.

My favorite is anything and everything Neutrogena! Fantastic make up and skin care, super affordable for this mom of three.

Visit the app store or google play today to download the app for yourself!