DIY Pillowcases

I love finding things for my kids room. But I don’t always find exactly what I want. When you have kids that are very particular with what they are looking for, it can be really hard to find exactly what they want. When I say particular, I mean they want down to the exact minute […]

No Sew Halter!

Who doesn’t like to¬†upcycle their wardrobe FOR FREE? And even better, what if upgrading a simple item of clothing was incredibly easy and required absolutely no talent whatsoever? If you could take an old t-shirt and turn it into a new halter top without having to sew a single stitch… would you give it a […]

Modern Art – Painting with Tape

In this military lifestyle we are constantly moving around, blooming wherever we are planted. Many a times we have to make new houses our homes and adding our personal touches is what makes a cold, unfamiliar building become a warm and inviting space for our families. With our most recent PCS about a month ago, […]

DIY Confetti!

Hello my fellow crafters! I hope this week has been kind to you and that you are getting some project completion! I love seeing finished work in my hands! I was working on helping a friend plan a party for her son, and one of the things that we kept lacking was confetti for the […]