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Bring out your kids inner SUPER HERO!!

My boys love pretending to be their favorite super heroes, and I enjoy letting them play. However, some of these items can be really expensive! Boys are rough on their toys, and therefore I hesitate at times to buy certain things, knowing that it will only last a short while. So I put my mom brain to work, trying to figure out how to make them something that they could play with as much as they desired to. While I was at my parents house for our cousins camp this year, she gave me the perfect idea!! A t-shirt cape!!

I was so excited to find this, that as soon as I got home, I went to the store, grabbed a couple of shirts, paint and brushes and set to work. I asked my boys their favorite super hero, got online and found an image that I could use, and adjusted it to the sizing I wanted. I printed it off, and traced it to the back of the shirt. The painting took the most time, but I had it set up to where I could do one shirt, then work on the other while the first dried a bit. By the time I was done, I was very pleased with the end results. When my boys woke up the next morning they were over the moon excited with their new capes! Get ready to turn your kids into their favorite super hero – or even one they made up themselves!!

What you need:

  • Extra Large T-shirt
  • Acrylic paints – the colors your kids choose to have on their capes
  • Paint Brushes
  • Box to put underneath where you are painting (this keeps it from getting onto your floor or table)

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  • Cut the back off the shirt. You will want to leave the neck, but take the sleeves and front of the shirt off.
  • Lay out and trace design onto the back of the cape
  • Paint your fingers off!
  • Let dry and ENJOY!

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Break down of cost:

  • T-shirt – 5.00
  • Paint – 10.00
  • Paint brushes – 6.00

Before you look as say, its not cost effective, the paint I bought had enough in there for me to do two shirts, and still had an almost full bottle of paint. I can re-use these for future crafts. If you keep your paint brushes cleaned out, they can also be used for quite a while before they have to be replaced. I am looking forward to creating new items!!  Left over paints can be used to create new capes as the ones they have wear out. All you will need is a shirt! You can even take an older shirt from home and create that way!

SUPER easy way to turn your kids into their own super hero!! The painting took me about six hours, as I needed to add several layers of paint. The shirts absorb it to a point, so I went over and over the sections until I was pleased with the results. Older kids can work on these themselves, so they can create their own designs. Halloween is quickly approaching, so if you want to make your own costume this year – you literally cannot go wrong!  These are not only for kids! Adults can make their own as well, if they choose!

Have a SUPER day!!

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