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Clean and Clear ALL YEAR!

Are you Clean & Clear? Keeping our skin looking fabulous is something we all look for. Washing your face is great, but we put our skin through a lot more than we realize at times. While we work and play hard, our skin can take a beating. If you have an oily type skin, it is harder to keep your skin looking its best.

However, if you have not tried these Oil Absorbing Sheets from Clean & Clear, you are missing out! These wipes are amazing! Stick them in your backpack, rucksack, purse, car, etc – and use them when you need!

You can stock up on these amazing wipes at your local NEX! Add them to your shopping list, or back to school supply list. This is one item that you do not want to be without! I have kept these in my purse for years. When you are out and about, sometimes you just need a little pat down to get your skin back to its normal luster. From teens to adults, put your best face forward each day!

Go back to school with confidence this year! See how Clean & Clear can help to keep your oily skin at bay! While you are at the NEX, check out the amazing line of products that Clean & Clear offers. They have a wide array of products to fit any skin type out there! Your skin will thank you! Share your favorite Clean & Clear product with us!