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Destress Through Reading With the MMS Book Club Now

Good day dear readers! While we are in quarantine, and dealing with the day-to-day stress, we are on the lookout for things to help keep our minds occupied. Reading is one of those ways that we can escape the reality that we are currently surrounded with.

This month we are reading The Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks. It has been one of those books that I have been wanting to read for a long time, and this is the perfect time to get those reading lists caught up. We all have those books that “we will get to later.” But for the most time, later never comes. I have an entire bookcase full of books that I will “eventually”  get around to reading, but for now, I just keep adding new books to the shelves.

As we move into April, we want to give you enough time to grab your May read, and prepare to read. Amelia Peabody always has some super great wisecracks, and the sense of humor that comes from the books makes this months choice very easy. The Deeds of the Disturber by Elizabeth Peters is one of those cozy mysteries that you can sit back and enjoy!


The Deeds Of The Disturber via goodreads.com

Can fear kill? There are those who believe so but Amelia Peabody is skeptical. A respected Egyptologist and amateur sleuth, Amelia has foiled felonious schemes from Victoria’s England to the Middle East. And she doubts that it was a Nineteenth-Dynasty mummy’s curse that caused the death of a night watchman in the British Museum. The corpse was found sprawled in the mummy’s shadow, a look of terror frozen on the guard’s face. What or who killed the unfortunate man is a mystery that seems too intriguingly delicious for Amelia to pass up, especially now that she, her dashing archaeologist husband, Emerson, and their precocious son, Ramses, are back on Britain’s shores. But a contemporary curse can be as lethal as one centuries old and the foggy London thoroughfares can be as treacherous as the narrow, twisting alleyways of Cairo after dark when a perpetrator of evil deeds sets his murderous sights on his relentless pursuer… Amelia Peabody!

Deeds of the disturber