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Enter to WIN from your NEX!

Who loves to get rewarded for SHOPPING? We all love to shop at our local NEX locations, and this chance to win big will make your shopping experience even better! Back to school is fixing to kick off, and the chance to put some money back into my pocket would be fantastic! I always feel as though I pay out a fortune for the kids school supplies. Then, there is still the regular shopping to do! Household items, hygiene products, pet items.. you name it, and the list goes on! I budget through the summer in order to get everything that we need. But I also budget to buy extra school supplies for at least two kids – full list – from backpacks to each item on the list. It is a way to give back and lend a helping hand in the community. You never know when someone, a friend of your child’s, or another child in the school needs those supplies.

I don’t add this to say, hey check me out. We do our donations anonymously. We want to do it, and we do what we can while staying in our budgeted amount. Being able to teach our kids to share what they have now, is a huge deal! I want them to be able to reach out and help someone when they can as they grow. I encourage you to Pay It Forward to one child this school year! Something as small as a book they want to read, a new outfit for school, or a backpack full of supplies – this can change a child’s outlook on school, and help a struggling family out. All of this can be done while you are shopping at your NEX! Check out their fantastic savings and amazing selections today! They are just waiting for you!

The best part is – YOU COULD BE A WINNER! Get rewarded JUST for shopping at your local NEX!  Check out www.mymilitarysavings.com and enter today for your chance to win big!

What are you waiting for???