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Hey love birds! Coupon Mama Jess here…who’s getting excited about Valentine’s Day?

Call me a hopeless romantic but I sure am! I love the flowers, the affection, and the thoughtful cards my daughter always makes for me at school. Might be small to some, but to me those things are priceless and just a few of the reasons why Valentine’s Day is one of my favorites.

I mean don’t get me wrong a romantic night out with the hubs sounds amazing and should definitely happen more than just one time a year…but I can’t help but to look back and remember past Valentine’s Days where my favorite restaurants were always crazy busy, where most restaurants needed a RSVP two weeks to a month before hand, and where the menu was usually downsized to a limited menu at a fixed (inflated) price. None of the sounds very appeasing does it?! It was always sooo much easier when we lived near a military installation because there was always something going on on-post. Unfortunately the closest Active Military post to us is still over an hour away, making it not the most cost effective date night idea.

So as the big day draws near I can’t help but to think of ways to make this Valentine’s Day different. I mean we could always just stay home and treat it like any other day, but where would be the fun in that?! No! This year is going to be different. This year is going to be unique. This year is going to change up the Valentine’s Day cliche and be one that we will never forget.

Check out a few of my Top Ideas on Creating the PERFECT Valentine’s Day on a Budget!

1. Romantic Dinner Outside

Are you wanting a evening that incorporates both a meal and other activities? Why not start you evening at home or in the park before going out? Consider going to a local high-end grocery store that is offering a fancy take-home meal, and head to the park for a romantic under the stars picnic. Not only are going to get away at half the price, but you aren’t having to waste your time standing in lines… meaning more time with your special someone!

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#2. Valentine Early

Who said you had to celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day? Why not celebrate it a couple days early? With Valentine’s Day being on a Sunday this year why not beat the crowds this year and celebrate on Friday or even Saturday? To save considerably, think about shifting your Valentine’s Day to the left and celebrating it a couple days early.

Create your own special Valentine’s Day…you might be surprised how rewarding and romantic it actually is!

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3. Plan a scavenger hunt

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Make it last all day..leaving small clues/special notes at each stopping point. You can make each stopping point a place that holds a special meaning to you and your lover. Whether it be the place you shared your first kiss, the place you bought your first car together, or even the 18th hole at your favorite putt putt spot. Get creative….no one said Valentine’s Day was just about dinner!

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#4-Take a Cooking Class

Cooking together has always been deemed very romantic. So instead of paying an arm and leg to wait for someone else to cook for you, why not pay $50-$75 to create an unbelievable date night and delicious dinner? Check large local retailers and even discount sites like GROUPON for events in your neck of the woods.

If there is no classes near you, try grabbing a fancy recipe book at the local thrift store and creating your own Cooking Class. Pour a couple glass of wine, turn on a sweet soundtrack, and crack open that book to spend a romantic night with your lover creating a mouth watering meal.

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#5-Date Day?

Valentine’s Day is not only from 6pm-Midnight…you can celebrate it at any point of the day…I promise!

Instead of getting caught up in the crowds, consider having a Day Date instead. Instead of getting roped into the traditional night out, avoid the pricey meals and head out for lunch instead.

Head to your favorite restaurant at lunch instead, the portions are sometimes smaller and limited but it likely to be cheaper!

Head to see a Matinee! Movies are typically much cheaper before 5-6pm…and you miss the typically movie rush.

Coffee lover? Consider going to your favorite bakery and cuddling up on the couch with a warm cup of joe and your favorite pastry! You can read a book together or just sit and talk (leave cell phones in the car).

The possibilities are endless…so I dare you to think outside the box on this one!

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So this Valentine’s Day I challenge you…think beyond dinner, chocolates, and flowers. The classic date night is and always will be great way to spend the evening, but why not choose a more original way to celebrate the holiday with your special someone? Show your lover that you put some thought into the evening, and blow their mind with your creativity. As a wife who is a helpless romantic…I couldn’t tell you how special and amazed I would be if my husband surprised me with one of the ideas above! (Just saying😉 )

Sooooo….what are you going to do this valentine’s Day?

Until next time love birds…..

~Coupon Mama Jess~


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