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Finlandia Red Drop

Welcome to the new year! Why not start off this year with a fabulous celebration of things to come? This year holds a lot of promise, and there are so many reasons that we can be thankful for another year of plenty. It can feel at times as though there is not much cause for celebration, but let’s look at the bigger picture. We have life, families, friends, and adventure. I always add adventure, as with military families, you never know what life holds in store! Staying on the positive side of everything can bring a brighter outlook to everything life may throw at you this year. Embrace this year, and start off strong! This year will be amazing, so let’s kick it off with a fabulous beverage!

Make 2019 a year of amazing! Start it off with this delicious drink made with Finlandia vodka. Super easy to make – and one of those kick your feet back and relax drinks. Head over to your Class Six, and discover the amazing deals on Finlandia Vodka this month! Don’t forget to check the Brown Forman page for even more great drink recipes and awesome deals. Happy drinking!



  1. Introduce the vodka to a dash of lime juice in an ice-filled shaker.
  2. Pour in the cranberry juice and shake free from the mundane!
  3. Strain into shot glasses.
  4. Kippis!



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Brown Forman

**Please drink responsibly! We value your safety and wish you many more happy evenings with family, friends, and loved ones. Persons under the age of 21 should not purchase or consume alcoholic beverages of any kind. If you consume alcohol while you are away from home and are considering driving, please call a Designated Driver or a cab to take you home! Live to drink another day!**