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Fun Friday Craft: Homemade Leis

How many of you have been to a Hawaiian themed party during the Summer? I’ve got both hands raised! One of the fun items you get at one of those parties is a lei right?! So fun and fun in theme! In preparation for your Summer Luau we decided to make our own leis! You are going to love this craft and decide to throw a Hawaiian Luau jut to have your guests make their own leis! 

Here’s what you’ll need:
Different color tissue paper
Fun shaped paper cutters

I used Mod Podge, but you can use any kind of glue. Using school glue with the tip might be easier too. Just watch out for the drying time. This dried fast for quick use. 

Yes, that’s it! Even if you don’t have the fun paper cutters who’s to say you can just cut strips or squares of the tissue paper. Talk about custom leis! Everyone’s will be different and fun! 
If you want to pre-cut the yarn so that everyone has the same length do it. If not, leave the yarn out with scissors. Add each piece of tissue paper individually, if you try to add too much the yarn will be come over saturated and the tissue paper will get soggy. In all reality this craft will not take much time, you might make a bit of a mess with the glue but it’s all in good fun! 

So much fun and everyone will be so excited to make their own leis! 
Share you’re homemade leis with us by tagging them on social media with #MMSCraft! 

Happy Crafting! 


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