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Vegan On A Budget: Portobello Burgers

Its summer! Which means gardening, BBQs/Cookouts, and easy dinners. I’ve got an easy breezy summer evening dinner for you. Its a Portobello Burger. 

A few portobello heads. 
Olive oil (use any oil you prefer or vegan butter)
Seasoning (whatever your favorite is)
Hot Grill
I am sure you guess how this is going to go but I will still walk you through. 
1st I scrape the scales out of each head (purely optional for you). Then I coat each one nicely in my oil (or vegan butter). Lay it on a piece of foil and sprinkle with seasoning. Wrap them up (individually or all in 1), and place on the hot grill.
It does not take long so don’t go too far. Maybe 5-6 mins. 
Once you have it done, you can use these as the actual buns or the “burger”. add a tomato, sprouts, vegan condiments, and maybe even some guac!
By all means fry these up in a nice cast iron pan or place them in the oven to roast. Watch your time as they do not take long. Enjoy the many many options of the portobello!

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