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Fun Friday Craft: Milk Gallon Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny is headed our way and we are so excited! This week’s craft is my ode to the Easter bunny. I wanted to make a basket that was recyclable yet still be strong enough to hold the loot from the bunny. I’m so excited to share this craft with you!  

Super cute right? He’s really easy to make too. I made him a male because I’ve got boys. But you can make this a female by adding a cute boy on top and a red mouth. Ok so let’s get started. 
I normally do an image of all of the supplies, but this craft gave me a few challenges along the way so here’s the list.
Clean & empty milk gallon 
Half a yard of white felt (Or you can use any color)
Pink felt 
3 plastic Easter egg
3 inches of tulle
2 Large popsicle sticks
6 inches of black thread
Hot Glue Gun & Glue 
First thing you’ll want to do is cut out the holes in the gallon. We decided to cut out two holes on either side of the back of the handle so there would be a big space for his face and the gallon wouldn’t loose it’s shape. We used an exacto knife. I have to tell you I tried spray painting it first and it didn’t work out well so I went with my trusty felt material. 
Here’s a collage of how I covered the milk gallon with the felt. I had the boys filling Easter eggs for me while I hot glued the gallon. 
*If your child is old enough and experienced enough to glue, I highly suggest parental supervision.*
After the milk gallon is completely covered comes the fun part of decorating the bunny. You can get as creative as you’d like with the decorating. I added eyes and a nose by using plastic Easter eggs. If you can I think drawing the face on would be super cute too! Using the tulle I tied it in half and used it for the whiskers. You can totally use pipe cleaners. That’s another option.
Using the thread I made a mouth for the little guy. I made the mistake of not gluing it down though. I’m sure after the hunt he won’t have a mouth. Make sure to secure the mouth. 🙂 
I wanted to make sure the milk jug would not loose it’s shape and be able to hold the eggs I left the handle. The cuts on the back are not pretty but I wanted to expose the handle and cover it with felt. You can totally add another piece of felt to cover up the cuts and still have the exposed handle. The ears were very easy. I wasn’t sure how long or short I wanted to go initially so I’ll leave the measurements to your choice. I ended up with 12 in ears that I ended up cutting down to 7 inches so I could cover the top of the gallon. After I cut the ears I cut the pink felt to mimic the inner ear for the bunny. Before gluing it down I added a large popsicle stick to the inside to hold up the ear and give it some shape. 
If you notice the fuzzy in the first picture and it’s missing from the completed craft. I decided against it after I added the ears. You can totally add the fuzz to the bunny. 

Here’s a close up of the inside. You can add some grass for a soft bed for the eggs. And you can see how I used the ears to cover the top of the gallon too. 
I hope you enjoyed this craft tutorial! If you have any questions or run into an issue leave me a comment so I can help out. 
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Happy Crafting! and Happy Easter! 

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