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Fun Friday Craft: Ways to Decorate a Paper Bag for Valentine’s Day

I’m back! Boy have I missed crafting! Our pcs move is finally over and I’m excited to be back to crafting. Very thankful for our bloggers Cerra & RebeccaThis week I’m giving you ideas on how you can turn a simple white paper bag into a Valentine’s Day box for your children. Super easy ways and you can totally pick and choose from my ideas to make them your own. 
The first and easiest way to transfrom a bag is by simply covering with fabric. I think the trick to this bag is cutting out the area. Using an exacto knife cut the marked out area. Or you don’t have to cut out an opening. You can leave it open at the top. Using styrofoam stickers you can add your child’s name or add cute sayings. 
What You’ll need for this bag:
Embellishment stickers
Exacto knife 
Pretty easy right? And super cute!
The next bag is a little more masculine. I used little hearts and more styrofoam embellishments on this one. The little pre made hearts I gave more dimension by covering with yarn, changing up the look of the heart. 
And if you notice the opening at the top is open. Simple and very cute. Glue the hearts on in different spaces or you can cut an opening into the bag to change the look of it. 
Butterflies anyone? Spring is on the way, but the easy cupcake cups can transform into butterflies for your Valentine’s Day bag. 
Here’s what you’ll need for this bag:
Cupcake papers 
Washi tape 
Stamps/Stamp pad
Pipecleaner & beads 
Here’s how to make the butterflies! Fold the cupcake baking cup papers in half to resemble wings. Glue two papers together to look like a butterfly. Glue them onto the bag. Wherever you’d like, this is your craft remember. I’m just giving you ideas. Add antennae by getting a small piece of pipe cleaner and adding beads at the ends. Add some stamps and washi tape to the opening adds more to the bag too. You can place your name at the bottom or at the top. It’s your bag, your choice. Make it your own. 
The last bag is the easiest. Here’s what you’ll need for this bag:
Glue gun/glue 
Washi tape
I changed up the opening for this bag and covered the edges with washi tape. You can do so much with washi tape and there are so many different prints of it too. Super cute stuff. 
This was was the easiest wasn’t it? Enough to hold all of the sweets and treats that your child will receive for Valentine’s Day. 
Here’s a look at all four bags. Each with different looks that you can change up or combine to make your bag unique! 
Hope you enjoy making these bags with your kiddos! 
I’ll have a easy and creative craft you can gift up on Wednesday so you’ll have time to make it for your Friday parties at school! 
Craft on! 

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