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Get The Lowdown On The NEW Expanded Access!

Calling all veterans! We know that you miss the days of getting great deals at your commissary. Now, you can go back to shopping for those favorite deals! There is so much information out there, but we want to share with you what we have found, and how you can once again gain access to shopping at your local DeCA location!

The Ins and the Outs

First off, have you started your disability paperwork? No? Then, do that, like, today! You are going to need this! Patience is key, because it can take a little bit to work through the system. Do not get discouraged. After you receive your disability rating, you will get the VA identification card (as explained below). 

If you have already received your service-connected disability, then you should have a Veteran Health Identification card, or VHIC. This is one HUGE step in getting access to your commissary!  These cards will have designations such as POW, Service-Connected, Purple Heart, etc. on them. If you do not have one of these, please contact your local VA representative. Service-connected disabilities from 0-90% are eligible for commissary privileges. 

Please note – if you have received a Medal of Honor or have a 100% service-connected disability, then these privileges are already available to you. The expansion is helping to bring select veterans and their primary family members back to shopping at the commissaries. Caregivers are also eligible! There is some more information available here