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Well as with all good things, they must come to an end. For most of us, we are prepping to get ready to head back to school, and stocking up on all the supplies and books that we are going to need for a successful school year.

Well – most of us. If you visit my house right now, you will see a pile of the books we used last year still sitting in the corner – and me trying to figure out what in the world I am going to use this year. I am not entirely sure where the entire summer disappeared to! We had some great fun! Camping, hiking, road trips to see family – but making the decisions as to what I was going to use curriculum wise just never was finalized.

I have been researching a few different options. One of the things that I am using right now is Khan Academy. We needed a refresher on our math, so I have been logging the kids into the academy and brushing up on their skills. If you have not used it, then you need to! As a homeschool mom, there are things I am stronger in than others, and math is one of my weaker areas. Being able to gain better insights and help with the math for the boys, is excellent! They are enjoying the studying, and actually asking to do the work! Having the math computer based is really helping, and they are leaping and bounding ahead. I am feeling more confident that this year we will benchmark our goal for math.

But, now I must turn my attention into getting this school year started off right! While I search for the core curriculum that we are going to study, the kids are narrowing down their line of study for their individual projects.

If you have not considered having a unique project during your homeschool year, you should think about it! Kids really enjoy delving into a project that they can build on during the year. They can learn more about one of their favorite topics, and have some fun doing it! Color pages, reports, dioramas – whatever you want to incorporate into their project is fair game!

Share what you are going to be studying this school year!