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Great Savings on all BAND-AID brand products!

It is time to prepare for the summer fun activities! If you have kids, you know that there are going to be little boo-boo’s and many different little things that can go wrong. For us, Boy Scouts keeps us busy over the summer. One of the things that the boys had to do was to create a first aid kit. This was made super easy! We put a list together that they could go off of, and each of the boys could go and get exactly what was on their list. When we met the next time, we were able to create several First Aid kits that we could use for many months to come. I let the parents know that the commissary had several of the items on special, and it was a life saver! Instead of spending large amounts of money to ensure that we had enough for everyone, I got exactly what I needed at a fraction of the cost!

The best thing about being able to stock up now – the price is exactly right! We can keep the Scouts and my house stocked for the rest of the year, and then some! Being able to plan ahead is key!

Now, if you are not a parent, then you are going to need a few of these things for yourself. House repair, car repair, you name it – little things can happen that mean you need to clean, disinfect and bandage the wound. After I had hip surgery a few years ago, I needed way to keep the incision sites dry. I used the Band-aid brand Large Waterproof pads to cover the site, and keep the stitches dry. It was amazing! I could shower, feel human, and still stick to the doctors orders!

Don’t let these savings pass you by! These prices are good through 30 June 2018, so take advantage of them soon! If you build a first aid kit, share yours with us! We love to see what everyone includes in their kits and to go bags! You can never have to much first aid equipment!