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Save BIG on Tylenol at your NEX!

Have you Tylenol’d lately? Tylenol is a STAPLE in my house! Kid noise, trouble sleeping, headaches, joint pain – you name it – we have it! There is not a day that goes by that we are not reaching for Tylenol for something!

Kids go through growth spurts, and sometimes when they grow to fast – they get some massive aches in their joints. Tylenol for kids is great! I give them a little at night to help them relax and ease the pain so that they can get a good nights sleep. Whether they are suffering from a headache, or any little ache and pain that kids can get, I know that with Tylenol they are covered. In fact, my kids ASK for Tylenol! They know that it will help to alleviate anything that hurts.

Adults have our own aches and pains to deal with. Whether through work, play or the in-betweens, Tylenol has your back! I take Tylenol after grueling workouts. It helps to sooth the pain from the muscle pain. I can take it and forget it, knowing that anything that aches will soon feel better. If sleep decides to elude me, I use the Tylenol PM for restful sleep when I am not feeling well, and the Extra Strength Tylenol tabs when my headaches decide to hit out of nowhere. We are exclusively a Tylenol family! Remember to drink lots of water when taking medications of any kind. Kids especially should up their fluid intake when taking medications. We all want to protect their growing bodies as much as we can!

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View how this family uses Tylenol:

Don’t delay! Get over to the NEX and stock up on your favorite Tylenol products today! Life does not have to stop just because of aches and pains. Seize life this summer and get the most out of your day with Tylenol!