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Happy Hour’s Two Ingredient Orange Creamsicle

Hello everyone! Did you guys know August is Toasted Marshmallow Month? I swear, I learn something new every day! Well, this week for Happy Hour, we are gonna get toasty! Ha ha! See what I did there? Using Smirnoff‘s Marshmallow flavored vodka, (UM HELLO!) I made an adult Orange Creamsicle and let me tell you, it is AWESOME! Also awesome, it only requires TWO ingredients! Yes! I love quick and easy and that’s exactly what this drink is. Quick, easy, and yummy!!

Orange Creamsicle

  • Smirnoff Marshmallow Vodka, I also tried it with the Whipped Cream flavor and it’s equally delicious!
  • Orange Hard Soda, this would actually work with any flavor of hard alcoholic soda
  • Tall glass of ice


That is it, folks! So easy and quick! Pour a shot of vodka into the bottom of your glass. Top with the hard soda. If you would like a little less alcohol, you can absolutely use regular non-alcoholic soda! Mix it together and serve with a straw.


It is the perfect amount of sweet creaminess and tangy orange and goes down extra smooth. Perfect for a night around the bonfire toasting actual marshmallows! Be careful, a few of these will leave you feeling nice and toasty warm! 😉


This is a great drink that brings back those childhood summer memories of the classic orange creamsicle. It is one of my favorite flavor combinations! You could even blend up the ingredients in a blender for a super creamy treat! It’s the perfect end-of-summer drink to enjoy with friends.

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