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Hatchet – Week 1

Brian Robeson is on his way to spend the summer with his dad. As he thinks over the past several months, the landscape flies by underneath. While he tries to stay as small as possible in the plane, he has moments where he wishes things had not changed. So many changes, and so many things going on. The divorce that his parents went through, his father moving, and he and his mother going through the motions. Brian knows its all due to THE secret, the one big thing that he knows that he has not told anyone else. But his trip is cut short when the pilot of the plane has a heart attack. All the sudden, Brian is alone, in a plane, and he has no idea how to fly it. He tries the radio, but he is not able to get a clear message through.

Brian knows that he has to land the plane, and he has to get out. He wants to go home. He looks for a place to put the plane down, but nothing that he has read has ever told him how to land a plane, but he knows that the fuel will not last forever. As he continues to try and put a message out, the plane finally gives out. He manages to find a place to put the plane down, but now comes an even bigger challenge. He has to survive.

This week we are reading Chapters 1-4:


  1. Brian changes the wording his mother uses. She refers to his father, but he thinks dad. Why is the wording important?
  2. His mother gives him a hatchet to take with him. What made her think to get this as a gift?
  3. Brian is all alone in the middle of nowhere. What would have been your first thoughts if you found yourself all alone in the middle of nowhere?