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Hatchet – Week 2

Brian is trying to figure out how to survive in the wilderness alone. He is sore, scared, and hungry. He begins to go through in his mind the things that he must do to survive. One of his English teachers from several years ago had some great advice and Brian sets to remembering what he said to keep the panic from overtaking him. He convinces himself that he will be found, and his belly soon filled with good food. But the need for instant nourishment is something he knows that he will have to figure out. He takes stock of everything that he has in his pockets, and then decides that he has to make a shelter of some kind. Something that will keep him dry and out of the elements. His face is already sunburned and he is weak from the crash.

As he moves through the area surrounding him, he finds the perfect area for a shelter, and he begins to enclose it off. Food is the next item on the list, and he finds some delicious looking berries that he gorges himself on, then takes some back to the shelter he has created for future eating. As he sets off to explore the area a little more, he comes across a raspberry patch, and after stuffing himself on them, he hears a sound. Turning around he sees a bear!

Brian thinks of his father and his mother, and wonders what they are doing. He remembers his friend Terry and the games they used to play. He must build a fire, and figure out how to survive on his own. He tells himself they will find him soon, its just a matter of days..

This week we are reading Chapters 5-9


  1. Was it wise for Brian to eat the red berries not knowing what they were?
  2. If you had seen the bear, what would you have done?
  3. The shelter that Brian has created does not keep out the critters. Do you think Brian was lucky it was only a porcupine that found its way into the shelter?