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I Remember She Fell Off the Bed…

Do you ever have child scares? I’m sure you have, we all do. It’s normal, I guess you can say normal, for a parent to endure child scares probably at least once a month.  I remember one morning I woke up around 5:30, because I had to go potty.  I debated getting up due to the fact my daughter was still co-sleeping since I breastfed and I didn’t want her to wake up and crawl off the bed.  Because she normally woke between 6:30 and 7:00 and the bathroom was literally five steps from the bed, I decided to go ahead and go potty.  Not even ten seconds later I heard a loud “THUD” and little sad sobs from my daughter.  It didn’t take  long at all after me getting into the bathroom for her to wake up and wonder where I was.  Of course she is fine, but it scared me a little at the time.  I guess I can say…LESSON LEARNED!

This is why we devote November to being Child Safety and Protection Month.  Leaving an unattended, crawling child on a bed is probably not the safest thing in the world…I know, I know when I say that it sounds like Best Mom Of The Year, right?

Mom Award...LOL
Mom Award…LOL

But really, there are LOTS of things you can do to help keep your child safe.

  • Attach baby gates securely to the wall
  • Remove breakable and small items from low shelves
  • Get rid of glass coffee tables
  • Put rubber or foam “edging” on corners of tables
  • Remove rugs or securely attach carpet to stairs
  • Habitually put on helmet and pads when riding a bike, scooter, skateboard, roller blades, etc.
  • Use child-proof latches for cabinets and doors
  • Take a drive to your local fire station to make sure car seats are properly installed in the vehicle
  • Put medicines, cleaners, shampoos and soaps where they cannot be reached by a crawling infant or a toddler
  • Find a safe spot for dog/cat food.  The little pieces are a choking hazard
  • Put slip proof floor mats in showers and bath tubs to prevent falls
  • Remove bibs when sleeping
Her seat belt is WRONG. It's too loose and needs to be up higher on her chest. I was young and didn't know and I'm glad someone told me I didn't have her seat belt right!!
Her seat belt is WRONG. It’s to loose and needs to be up higher on her chest. I was young and didn’t know and I’m glad someone told me I didn’t have her seat belt right!!

Also, Christmas is around the corner so make sure you don’t have any low hanging ornaments, unattached pieces of garland that can be easily pulled down and small nativity scene pieces at easy access if you have small children or grandchildren.  It’s always a good idea to constantly remind grandparents to make their homes a bit more safe for the youngsters!

The list goes on and on of the things you can do to make a safer environment for your child.  Even talking to them about strangers and looking both ways before crossing the street are great ways to educate about safety.  As parents, we are CONSTANTLY looking out for our children from birth to adult-hood because we love them and don’t want anything to happen to them.  If you see a safety hazard please try your best to fix it or bring it to the correct persons’ attention to be fixed.  Always be nosey in parking lots to make sure children are not left in unattended vehicles, and if you see a child buckled into a car seat wrong, like mine was, please share the correct way to buckle them in!


For more safety tips and information I highly recommend:


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