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Healthy Snacking Over the Holidays

With the Holiday’s coming up it is so easy to indulge in all the yummy and delicious sweet and savory treats offered! I mean c’mon, the holidays are known for delectable, delicious items that seem like a great idea to indulge in at the time, BUT come January, you will more then likely regret eating that entire tray of Christmas cookies, that pan of yams, and way too many servings of mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. There are some healthy ways however to snack on yummy treats without adding all the extra holiday weight.

Here are some tips for Healthy Snacking:

  1. Eat before you go to a party. Holiday parties seem like they happen every weekend right? Well, try eating a full breakfast, lunch, or dinner (depending on the time of the party) before going out. This fullness will help when you are presented with a table full of sweet treats and snacks.
  2. Snack with veggies and fruits. Instead of loading up your plate with sweets, chips and dips, and other high calorie snacks, try and stick to the veggies, greens, and heck even throw in a little ranch! Also most fruit trays have delicious strawberries, melon, and apples (with a little peanut butter of course). Sounds boring, I know, but your waistline will thank you later!
  3. Choose what you will indulge in. Now I’m not saying don’t eat any cookies or treats at all during the holidays, I know that is impossible for me! So instead, choose wisely on what you will indulge in. Personally, I would choose to eat something that is unique to season and not something I can have any other time of the year. When you know you are going to indulge a little, perhaps make cuts elsewhere little on your morning snack or that extra cup of coffee.
  4. Focus on socializing. I mean, that is what holiday parties are for right? You get together, talk, laugh, relive old memories, and create new ones all at the same time. And guess what? All that is calorie free!! Woohooo! But really, focus on the social aspects of the party or the holidays in general because this will eliminate your want to stand by the chip bowl and just eat, eat, and eat some more. I have totally done this, regrets I say, regrets!
  5. Exercise. Sounds like a no-brainer but during the holidays we get so busy and so exercise isn’t always priority number 1. However, all the running around, cleaning, errands, and things of that nature are actually doing you some good! Besides that, taking 10 to 15 min, 2-3x a day to get your heart rate up is also a great way to burn extra calories. Try: squats, lunges, dips, planks, jumping jacks, and sit ups. Mixing together a couple of sets of 10 of each of these exercises (2-3x a day) only takes 10-15min, gets your blood flowing, and somewhat compensates for the yummy treats!

So enjoy this Holiday season in a healthy way!! Promise, you won’t regret it! 

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