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Introducing the new RITZ Cheese Crispers!

Summertime is for snacking. I mean, if you know me, our family is always snacking on something, especially this time of year. RITZ Crackers have always been our main go-to snack in this house since my kids were old enough for solid foods. Then when we discovered RITZ Toasted Chips and RITZ Crisp & Thins, our snacking went to a whole other level of deliciousness.

Now, RITZ has upped their game this summer and brought to our table something delightfully crispy and cheesy…the new RITZ Cheese Crispers! 

Now my kids will eat these with their lunches or even as a mid-day snack and my husband has these computer side as he is gaming the night away on weekends. I even have a box of my own stashed away for when I binge watch my favorite shows after the kids have gone to bed!

RITZ Cheese Crispers are made with real, rich cheese that you can see and taste in every delectable bite. They are available now at your local commissary in two flavors, Cheddar and Four Cheese & Herb.

So take my advice and up your snacking game this summer with the new RITZ Cheese Crispers. Head down to your local commissary and grab a box or two (or four) for your family today. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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