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Leaving Everything Most Loved – Book Review

Good evening dear readers! Every now and again we like to share something different with you. Finding a good series and a book that just draws you in at times, can be hard to do. Every now and again a great book literally falls into your lap! You know those books, the ones that as soon as you hit the first page you cannot do anything but sit and read until you are finished. While I am currently suffering from a book hangover, this is one series that I cannot wait to dive a little deeper into! **Yes dear readers, some of these books will make their way into our monthly readings** I want to share this review with you, and hope that maybe, just maybe, you will find them as delightful as I did!

Maisie Dobbs is a woman who is not afraid to buck convention. As she and her team work through different cases, each one builds upon the other, in ways of information and reputation. When Maisie is approached about a murder that happened a few months earlier, she is eager to learn more, but dismayed to find that the police do not have much to go on. As she begins to dig into the young woman’s past, she finds a picture that is disturbing. At the same time, they are trying to solve the disappearance of a young boy who is believed to have run away from home.
Usha Pramal is a young Indian woman who had been working as a governess. After leaving the employ of the Allison’s she took rooms at an Ayah hotel, where she began to keep houses to earn money to pay for her passage back to India. Before she can realize her dream of returning home and opening a school for young girls, she is murdered and her body found floating in a canal close to where she lived. As Maisie begins to prod into the young woman’s life, she finds a few surprises along the way. But this is no open and shut case. As she begins to make headway with a few of the people who knew Usha, another young woman is killed. Maisie believes that she was killed to keep her from telling what she knew. Knowing that there is something deeper going on, Maisie and her team keep looking for answers.  As the cases unfold, and the two merge into one, Maisie is determined to close them both, once and for all. But while she follows leads and clues, she is considering her own future and what it holds. James Compton wants her to marry him and settle down, but giving up her independence is not something that Maisie is sure that she can do. While she knows that she cannot string him along forever, she is not sure she is ready to give him an answer. He finally gives her an ultimatum, and a date for her to give her response. But just when the case seems to be over, there are still a few surprises yet to come…

This book is a fantastic read! You will be drawn in from page one, but this is one adventure that you will not want to miss! Join Maisie and her team as they work to solve the murder of Usha Pramel and bring some closure to her family. Not only will you be enthralled with this delightful story, you might just learn a few new facts about a culture that many of us are unfamiliar with! Grab your favorite beverage and settle down for a delightful and enchanting book!